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Amalea Burmese Cats

Breeder of elegant pedigree Burmese cats and kittens

located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Our aim is to produce quality Burmese kittens without 

compromising health or temperament, 

otherwise known as 'purrrfection'.

Welcome to Amalea Burmese, a small home based cattery where our cats are much loved pets and an important part of the family.  Our kittens are born and raised indoors initially in a nursery, and as they grow have access to other parts of the house including a large enclosed patio for exercise, sun and fresh air.
As temperament is very important, kittens are handled from birth and are accustomed to normal household sounds.  We restrict litters to one at a time to allow enough time for caring and socialisation of the kittens before they go to their new homes.  While there are around 10 colours in the Burmese breed, our kittens are usually chocolate, brown, lilac, and occasionally blue.  Kittens are available to new homes from 11-12 weeks of age by which time they have been desexed, have 2 vaccinations, and a microchip.

If you are looking for a special pet to become part of your family, please consider the beautiful and intelligent Burmese.  Playful and curious, with loads of purrsonality and an easygoing nature, Burmese cats make excellent companions and easily integrate into family life.  Some of our girls like to retrieve toys and are quite hilarious with their play - they are active and entertaining felines, and not just as kittens.

Burmese are companion cats and would be very unhappy to be left alone for long periods every day so do please give careful consideration to your home situation before choosing a Burmese.   They really do need company, and as Dr Harry says, 'There's only one thing better than a Burmese, and that's two of them'!  Also, for their own protection, Burmese should not go outside unattended as they do not have road sense.

As they happily contribute to family life in sometimes unexpected ways, you could say that life with a Burmese cat or kitten is never boring as they have their own very special humour !   

Feel free to call Christine on 0415 218137 if you'd like more information. 

Enjoy your visit …..

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