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Introducing our three Queens

Bajimbi She’s Elegant   (‘Ellie’)

Colour:   Lilac

Ellie is a beautiful pale lilac, and is a very relaxed calm girl

Ellie Burmese Queen
Burmese breeder Ellie

Bajimbi Duchess Karina

Colour:  Lilac cream/Lilac torti

Karina is a cheeky, fun little Burmese, always up for a cuddle

Karina Burmese Queen
Burmese breeder Karina

Many thanks to Bambi and Brian of Bajimbi Cats for these lovely girls.   

Amalea Sylvi

Colour:  Blue

Sylvi is a silver blue (hence the name!), and a friendly little girl

Sylvi Burmese queen
Burmese breeder Sylvi
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